Why You Dress The Way You Do

Have you ever wondered why menswear from 200 years ago look pretty similar to what you’re wearing now (shirt, shoes, pants, suit jacket), but womenswear from 200 years ago looks nothing like what your girl wears on a date?


The answer is actually pretty interesting.


But first, let’s start with a  fun fact.  High heels?  Those were originally mens footwear.  Military men.  The manliest of men.  It was actually a vtial part of how the Persians faught on horseback.  Seriously, the BBC even says so: http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-21151350


Anyway, the first pair came to Europe and made it’s way to the kings.  Fancy people, fancy shoes, right?  Nothin ever changes.


Heels were a part of the outfit a bourgeois aristocrat wore to impress.  You’ve seen the paintings.  Lush fabrics and fur trims, rich colors, and more jewelry than even a rapper could really pull off on his best day are the trademarks.


So what changed?  According to psychoanalyst John Flugel, The Great Male Renunciation (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Male_Renunciation).  No, it’s not a movie title.  It’s a relatively short period of time (compare the picture below of Napoleon and King Louis XIV) when men stopped showing their wealth through their clothing choices.  Instead, their wealth became invisible to the naked eye, while womenswear still held on the the adornment of previous eras.


Enough pseudo academia.  What the hell does this mean when you get dressed?  It means, essentially, that a well dressed man can be anyone or anything.  Note, I did say well dressed, when everyone wears a suit, everyone is a mystery.  When you’re the one guy who doesn’t, that’s another story. As www.kinderspul.com has said, Style is the Master!


In all seriousness, men.  Take this opportunity.  Your ancestors (at least the ancestors of your very wealthy friends) stopped wearing wigs and high heels.  That means the playing field is even.  Go out and make something of yourself, but please, do it well dressed.



The Case for Plaid

Fall and winter are upon us and, believe it or not, that means more than early Christmas music and pumpkin spice lattes.  It means it’s time to bust out the plaid shirts and be the commuting outdoorsman you’ve always dreamed of being.   But, in all seriousness, how exactly should you wear your plaid to the office?  A solid question.  I’ll try and give you a solid answer.   Casual: If you can pull off a casual look at your office, more power to you.  In this case, pull out your favorite jeans and a pair of boots.  Tuck it in and you’re good to go.   Not-Casual:  I wish it were all that easy.  Plaids with suits and ties is a bit trickier.  A ground rule: keep the tie a solid color (complimenting the plaid shirt).  Great.  Moving on.  (check out http://www.ruinedcast.com/ if you’re really struggling with this one)   Assuming it is your shirt that’s plaid, you’ve got a lot of freedom.  Substitute it into your dark grey suit/tie combo and give that look some more wow.  Try putting it on instead of your white shirt one day during the week.  I dare you to not be convinced.  Take these guys.  They’re all rocking plaid instead of a plain shirt and they look all the more modern for it.  Stock photo or instafamous?  The choice is all yours, but I know which one I’ll always choose.

Bold suits for bold men with bold ideas

Now, for the bold men in the crowd, go for a plaid suit. No, not the same plaid as your shirt.  Try out a shadow plaid the next time you’re at the tailor.  Pair it with a solid shirt and tie and get ready to get compliments.   Last note on plaids: don’t be afraid to accessorize!  Just because the shirt is patterned doesn’t mean you can’t rock a tie bar, watch, and solid pocket square. Here’s a neat tutorial on tying knitted ties; I’m all about knitted ties this fall.  A knit tie is exactly the level of down-to-earth cool to go with your plaid.   Don’t fear the plaid.  It’s just as versatile as your solids.  http://www.tie-a-tie.net/blog/knitted-neckties-guide-to-wearing-knitted-ties-2

How to start a watch collection?

There comes a time when every man starts to value time more than everything else. He treats it with a full respect, awe and worship so watches become inseverable pieces of a wardrobe and an everyday outfit. Once it happens every gent falls to collect these essential reminders of time’s significance. This post will reveal you main gentleman principles and rules of collectables. At this point the first rule which works not only to watch collection but rather is general fondamental of every “important purchase” men do is conducting a research. You should be careful with choosing your first watch as it implies a clear understanding of your personal style and financial limitation. Then it would be perfect to decide whether you going to buy a new watch or vintage one. Also, be certain either you want automatic one or manual. Even after these steps there are a variety of things left to consider. The main advice that i always follow to is keeping it simple and restrained. That helps to avoid “oversized golden choose” and saves your limited finances. As the firts watch usually i suggest to buy proved Omega, Pulsar, Timex, Citizen, Daniel Wellington, Bulova, Shinola, ESQ, Luminox or Tissot. It doesn’t metter if a company which you are buying watch from produces other items. More important that you will take care of your “new friend”. If you want to find out more about style check this and this sites out.

HYT-H1-watch (1)

Monk shoes: hype or essential ?

During the last two or three seasons I have read an enormous amount of
articles, guides, faqs appealing not just to get one pair of «fashion shoes» but also
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«Monks» or Double monk-strap shoes are usually made by fashion houses what
makes them cost a pretty penny. Luckily this fact doesn’t make them look less
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If we would look at the history of fashion Monk shoes exist since the 15th
century. We can find out that nowadays it is a classic. Officially considered as less
formal than Oxford shoes but more formal than Derby, Monk shoes are mostly
worn by male. They look great with sport coats and jeans as well as suits and
trousers. Some models have a plain toe and supple calfskin up top. It makes monks
equally formal and casual pushing them to claim for versatility. Whether you have
a diner with your colleagues or take your fiancée out you can always carefully pick
your pair of monks with your dark blue jeans and favorite shirt. Despite of these
plusses which are formed in a wonderful design and attractive universalism, don’t
be mistaken. Certain models of monks are not suitable for official business
meetings and negotiations.

In a time of mass market where everybody tends to be original and
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