How to start a watch collection?

There comes a time when every man starts to value time more than everything else. He treats it with a full respect, awe and worship so watches become inseverable pieces of a wardrobe and an everyday outfit. Once it happens every gent falls to collect these essential reminders of time’s significance. This post will reveal you main gentleman principles and rules of collectables. At this point the first rule which works not only to watch collection but rather is general fondamental of every “important purchase” men do is conducting a research. You should be careful with choosing your first watch as it implies a clear understanding of your personal style and financial limitation. Then it would be perfect to decide whether you going to buy a new watch or vintage one. Also, be certain either you want automatic one or manual. Even after these steps there are a variety of things left to consider. The main advice that i always follow to is keeping it simple and restrained. That helps to avoid “oversized golden choose” and saves your limited finances. As the firts watch usually i suggest to buy proved Omega, Pulsar, Timex, Citizen, Daniel Wellington, Bulova, Shinola, ESQ, Luminox or Tissot. It doesn’t metter if a company which you are buying watch from produces other items. More important that you will take care of your “new friend”. If you want to find out more about style check this and this sites out.

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Monk shoes: hype or essential ?

During the last two or three seasons I have read an enormous amount of
articles, guides, faqs appealing not just to get one pair of «fashion shoes» but also
explaining how to choose the ones which would match your individual style.
«Monks» or Double monk-strap shoes are usually made by fashion houses what
makes them cost a pretty penny. Luckily this fact doesn’t make them look less
flawless or desirable and gives an idea to make a purchase especially if you feel
that a “trendy thing” might be just hype. More about trendy shirts you can find here:
If we would look at the history of fashion Monk shoes exist since the 15th
century. We can find out that nowadays it is a classic. Officially considered as less
formal than Oxford shoes but more formal than Derby, Monk shoes are mostly
worn by male. They look great with sport coats and jeans as well as suits and
trousers. Some models have a plain toe and supple calfskin up top. It makes monks
equally formal and casual pushing them to claim for versatility. Whether you have
a diner with your colleagues or take your fiancée out you can always carefully pick
your pair of monks with your dark blue jeans and favorite shirt. Despite of these
plusses which are formed in a wonderful design and attractive universalism, don’t
be mistaken. Certain models of monks are not suitable for official business
meetings and negotiations.

In a time of mass market where everybody tends to be original and
individual it is absolutely clear that every fashion addict has to have at least one
pair of excellent double monk-strap shoes. As long as Bobo and businessmen will
wear Monk shoes that will never go out of fashion. So if you don’t have them yet,
it is time to get one. Here: is the small guide that will help you to choose.